The river Thames

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, dear children. Welcome to the guided sightseeing tour on the river Thames!

One million years ago, the Thames was a sideriver of the Rhine. These days, the river Thames is threehundredfortyfive kilometers long. It starts in Kemble and ends into the Northern sea.

Cities along the Thames are Oxford, Reading, Slough, London and Southend.

Overall there are hundredtwentyeight bridges over the river Thames. Here are some of the most famous bridges of London.

Do you know the Thames Flood Barrier?

Foto: Davide Simonetti unter cc

Flood desasters were a serious danger for the British capital London.

In nineteenfiftythree, threehundred people died from the water masses. This is why the Thames Flood Barrier was built in 1984.

This is the Tower Bridge.

It is the most famous bridge and has got its name from the Tower of London, another city sight. It is twohundredfortyfour meters long and has been opened for public transport eighteenhundredeightyfour.

Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge, which has got its name from the famous battle near Waterloo, was opened for the first time in Eighteenhundredseventeen and is the longest bridge in London whith threehundredeightyone meters.

Texte und Bilder zusammengestellt von Lada (4. Schuljahr)